Seminole County GOP


Our Legacy

As current members of the Republican Party for Seminole County, we follow in the footsteps of honorable men and women, who served their community.

Past Chair

Kathryn Townsend

Jeffrey Bauer

Al Schwarz

Jason Brodeur 

Jim Stelling 

Doug Elam

Jim Ocque

Tom Kuhn

Mike Saporito 

Ray Valdes

Jim Weinberg

Bill Kinane

Maryanne Morse 

Bill McCullum

Fred Streetman

Bill Schaffner

Dominic Salfi


Past State Committeemen

Ray Valdes

Jim Greer

Jim Stelling

Fred Streetman

Bob Brunner

Carl Buechner


Past State Committeewomen

Kathryn Townsend

Virginia Bomford

Carol Saporito

Kelli Bass

Maryann Morse

Jeanne Rodriguez

Ann Pinnock

Past National Committeewoman

Maryanne Morse