Seminole County GOP

New Seminole COUNTY GOP Initiative to elect Republicans in 2018

GOP Victory 2018

Seminole County GOP rolls out our 2018 initiative to keep Florida and Seminole County


Our election program for 2018 unveiled:

GOP Victory 2018

As part of our Republican mission, we have been planning for an active and robust slate of activities – to ensure victories from the Governor, to the Senate and all down the ballot. Our organization is committed to helping Republicans WIN!! We are committed to helping our candidates fight the good fight so that we help put our qualified candidates in office for this Grand Old Party.

So what’s important now?!


You ask, “How can I help?” Here’s how! GOP Victory 2018 is a giving initiative that includes your talents, time and a small gift each month of $20.18 for 20 months.


Your contribution is identified on the website as GOP Victory 2018 -  That coordinates your $20.18 giving each month.

This is a special fund that Seminole Seminole GOP has set up exclusively for funding the general election campaign efforts and getting Republicans elected. Some of these efforts have already started and we are preparing for the rest.

Our efforts include

  • Precinct Training, how to canvas neighborhoods.
  • Providing campaign materials to voters in support of our candidates.
  • Generating the “Highly Recommended” voting cards.
  • Voter registration.
  • Training poll watchers and poll assistants.
  • And the list goes on!

We’ve been listening, and have heard so many say since January “I just wish, as ONE person, I could make a difference” and now you can! Your giving of $20.18 each month goes directly to campaign assistance and help ensure victory for the GOP in 2018.

So come join us! Bring your family, bring your friends and together, let’s keep Florida and Seminole County

RED for future generations!


Contributors to GOP Victory 2018

Kim Carroll ● Wayne carrig ● karen delgado ● Karen Heriot ● Kari Karington ● Roy Kelsey ● Michelle Smith ● Kathryn Townsend●  SUSAn SU ● attilio Di Marco ● adam patrick● John donnelly